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A blogger from Forksville….

If you prefer to eat at a national chain restaurant, you can skip this.  Personally, I hate eating at such chains.  I like mom-and-pop places where the dining experience is personal and the food is as close to heaven as you can possible eat.  Maybe I’m pushing this a bit but for delicious, authentic Greek food in this area of PA, stop in at Main Street Grille, 12 S. Main Street, Muncy, PA.  A friend of ours told us about this place and since the hubs and I enjoy Greek food and have missed it over the years, we decided to stop in.  I’m terrible at remembering names and titles but the one dish I ordered was absolutely scrumptious.  (One dish was Saganaki-I hope I spelled that right.)  I was surprised at what could be done to spinach and cheese.  Yes, spinach!  Yes, cheese! Both together!  Yuh gotta stop by!  Menus are taped in the windows.  You can waste time reading or get inside and get yourself a table and order.  So, go!  (Now, to convince our daughter to have her birthday dinner at Main Street Grille next month.)  I almost forgot:  here is their web  If you live too far away to make the drive, I really, really pity you.


Main Street Grille Reviews



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Second time back was as good as the first

Second time back was as good as the first: My wife and I were in the mood for a big juicy hamburger the other night and decided because of our first experience at Main Street Grille, we would go back. The food was excellent!! The wait staff was very polite and even the guy cooking the food (could have been the owner?) was very nice. This is a well kept secret as they don't advertise much, but you have got to try going to the Main Street Grille. They have an unbelievable menu!! Seafood, Steaks, Sandwiches and lots more! Prices were very reasonable too.

2006-03-15 by yobrien224

  One Of The Best

Main street grill is a very good place to eat for everyone of all ages , there food is really good , and the servers and owners are very nice. its great to go with your whole family or just for a nice dinner with your spouse....

2005-09-22 by Loraine M

A customer from Battlecreek, Michigan…

We travel all over the country looking for a decent pizza.  Main Street Grille’s pepperoni pizza is the best we ever had.  We will definitely be back.

Name: Buddy :)    Date: 02/24/2010           

The Main Street Grille ROCKS! I eat here like two or three times a week sometimes. The menu is HUGE! :)

I  highly recommend everything!

Name: Trish n Matt    Date: 02/28/2010

We love....... The Main Street Grill. Best food in Muncy!!! Ted is great, has a great staff and always makes us feel like family.

Name: Royce     Date: 03/01/2010

The food and the owners are great.  I would recommend this restaurant to all my friends.

Name: Amy    Date: 03/01/2010

We love the food every time we eat there.  We've never had a bad meal.  The restaurant is very clean and the service is excellent.

Name: Anna & Steve    Date: 03/03/2010

The Main Street Grill is one of our favorite places to eat.   The food is always excellent and the service is wonderful. They always
thank us for coming and Ted never fails to say hello folks with a smile on his face.  I would happily recommend it to one and all!
Relax and Enjoy!!!

Name: Gary and Angela   Date: 03/05/2010
I take my daughters to main street grille, they all have different tastes, we know that anytime we can get an enjoyable meal,
breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Name: Ron & She-Devil  Date: 03/06/2010

Every meal is an excellent meal at the 'Main Street Grille'.

Name: the Dunlap family   Date: 03/11/2010

We've been eating at Main Street Grille about once a week for several years now. The food is unbelievable. The atmosphere is
casual and completely family-friendly.  When you walk in, you're greeted with shouts of hellos from the kitchen. So grab the family,
stop in for a great meal, and don't forget to shout hello to Ted, Dana and Yanni!!

Name: Paige Cunningham     Date: 03/25/2010

this is an amazing experience, having greek, italian and american on the same menu! i love everything about main street grille. 

Name: Rick and Annette    Date: 03/28/2010

The people are always friendly and have smiles on their faces.  My family loves to eat there. It doesn't matter if you get take out
or eat in, the food is always GREAT!!!

Name: Redheadedfoodlover    Date: 05/20/2010

My family and I always meet for lunch/dinner at the Main street grille. The steaks and chicken are excellent. Soups and house
Greek dressing I crave. Steamed vegetables are out of this world. ALWAYS a big HELLO from the kitchen! You guys are great.

Name: Bonnie & Dave    Date: 05/26/2010

The Main Street Grille is great!  The food is always good, the portions are a great value for the money. Ted and Dana are always
warm and friendly and make you feel welcome and treat you as a valued guest. For anyone who has not tried the place yet,
you are in for a great treat. I recommend them to all my friends! 

Name: Lake and Donna    Date: 11/05/2010

We enjoy Main Street Grille very much.  Everything is great. We don't get there as often as we would like, but when we do, it's
always a pleasure. We have taken many friends there and they now patronize as well. Good job Ted and Dana.

Name: Jill & Randy    Date: 01/28/2011

We just enjoyed a great meal at the Main Street Grille! Great food, great service, nice people and a cozy atmosphere.

Name: a friend in wb   Date: 03/23/2011

Been here multiple times. The food is terrific. I swear the homemade soups have healing powers because after I ate the soup my
blaring headache was gone...Ted and Dana and their son Yanni have to be three of the nicest people I ever met..KEEP UP THE GOOD
WORK....The food is great. Will continue to eat there as long as they are in Muncy(forever I hope)

Name: Lee      Date: 05/25/2011

I have been a long time customer of the Main Street Grill and have to say it is my favorite restaurant...  Their Delmonico's are
better then the Texas Roadhouse !!!!  But better then the food is the customer service from the waitstaff to the owners... 
You will go in for the food and go back for the friendship....  Love ya Ted and Dana (and can't forget my Yanni)

Name: A friend from Montgomery.... Date: 06/02/2011

"If I threw that gyro up into the air, it would turn into sunshine".

Name: JohnnyP	Date: 07/06/2011

The Main Street Grille has the best Greek food in the area!!!  I definitely recommend the Saganaki!  Totally worth the 
experience from presentation to taste!  Excellent food coupled with a friendly dining environment are the best 
combination for the ultimate dining experience!!!

Name: MJ  Date: 10/22/2011

Fresh, homemade - from start to finish fabulous! Seafood soup - put it like this, if you like seafood, you have to try this soup...squid,
scallops, shrimp - every kind of sea meat imaginable, with a fantastic flavor. The gyros were the best we had been served. The
service was excellent and personable and we continued to be delighted with desserts.

Name: Carolyn J       Date: 10/23/2011

I enjoyed my first visit, so went back again for Sunday dinner today...Wonderful Pastitsio (Greek noodle casserole) with side of
perfectly cooked broccoli and fluffy, flavorful baked potato.   Came also with fresh salad with dressing of choice (of course, I had the
homemade Greek dressing, delicious with fresh herbs) and toasty Greek toast. And the salad was more than just iceberg lettuce,
quite a variety of cut-up vegetables in there!. I simply could not fit in dessert after all that, so with my box of leftovers, I brought home
a piece of baklava, flaky pastry with ground nuts and honey.  What heaven for supper tonight.  I feel very fortunate to have found this
restaurant. So far, the food is top notch.

Name: Robert Richards     Date: 10/23/2011

Excellent food, great prices. I've eaten here twice so far. The first time I had... 
the NY Strip dinner the second time the Grilled Chicken dinner. Both were fabulous and the service was perfect. 
If you don't eat here you're missing out.

11/4/11         Robert and Eddie Richards.....Awesome dinner tonight, as usual. Perfect service also. I love this place." 
I want to
have dinner at your place EVERY night! The salmon is to die for!!!!! Misty was an excellent server too! She remembered what
we like after only serving us once before. Love the
Main Street Grille!
Name: Mindy Bower       Date: 10/23/2011

My new favorite restaurant! They have an extensive menu with very affordable prices! I really enjoyed the Grilled 
Chicken. The Broccoli and Cheese omelet is delicious as well.

11/06/11        Thanks for a delicious lunch today! It was fantastic! The fam loves your restaurant.  

Name: Cecelia Bennardi Rogers        Date: 10/23/2011

I love it here. Great food and great people.

Name: Steve     Date: 11/04/2011

Fantastic experience. We've been there twice so far (just discovered them) and both meals have been outstanding. 
We're telling our friends to go.

Name: Valgardur Omar Hallsson     Date: 11/06/2011

Ted you are the best

Name: wilkes-barre fan    Date: 12/11/2011

We went to visit again for a dinner with a party of 11 people and the waitresses were awesome.  The food which we all ate was
a lot of their Greek entrees and everything was delicious. Can't wait to return again.

Name: c & d     Date: 01/07/2012

A friend told us about this restaurant and raved about it. So, my husband and I were in the area in January (2012) and stopped in.
It has been years since I've eaten authentic Greek food and I have missed it.  This place is GREAT, the food is DELICIOUS,
and we will RETURN!!  The atmosphere is relaxing, the decor interesting (I expected to see the Greek coast when we stepped
outside), and the waitress that
day was helpful and very polite. I wonder if the guy in the back who was cooking was the owner. I bought some olive oil because I cook
with it all the time.  If you haven't been to Main Street Grille, make the time and stop by this well-kept secret.
Oh, if you love spinach, you will love the "magic" done with it. The one dish I ordered (I'm terrible with remembering names so I hope
I got it right) was Saganaki (I hope I spelled that correct) and I am going to order it again when we go back.
Spinach and cheese ... who would have thought it tastes so good.  Even the tea tasted great.

Name: The Tickles    Date: 01/14/2012

The Main Street Grille has the very best food I've ever eaten at a restaurant. We've tried many of the specials, 
and they were all fresh and delicious, and cooked exactly to order, the same every time, and the prices are very 
reasonable.  This is one of the few places that you can find a high end meal is delicious from start to finish, 
and they let you bring your own beer and wine, which can be purchased right next door at Orlies six pack store. 

Name: Bonita      Date: 01/26/2012     Went there for the first time last week. What incredible Greek food and the 
                                                        Saganaki was wonderful!!!

Name: keemo65     Date: 02/28/2012     Excellent!  Greek food is delicious, this is our 2nd time here. Highly 

Name:   A satisfied customer.   Date:   03/24/2012  My Greek salad was as beautiful as a garden and tasted like one too.  
            We will definitely be back !!!

Name:   Very happy.   Date:   03/24/2012   That was the best pork chop I've ever had in my life !!!

10-23-12   Mark
The Grille is the Grail-Holy Grail that is-of Gyros! We had Ted’s gyros last weekend and they were the best we’ve had
 in years.  This restaurant rocks as much as the owners.  This rates a ten on the Mark-O-Meter!!!   Great Job!

10-30-12   Jeff from Hughesville
There isn’t a restaurant that has your quantity or quality and I eat out all the time.


12-14-12   Laura Albawab
We went to Greek restaurant in NYC today. It was NOTHING compared to your restaurant!! I will take Main Street 
Grille any day over any other greek restaurant in the USA!
01-12-13  June Hinds
We have come there for many years. There isn't a food there that we don't like (we have tried most 
dishes). I tell many people this is one of my most favorite places to eat and encourage many to go and 
enjoy. The welcome we receive by everyone one there makes it even more enjoyable. I would 
recommend everyone to come and have great food and great hospitality.
02-14-13 Leeanna Snell
Main Street Grille is one of my favorite restaurants as they make you feel like you're part of the family. You're not just a dollar 
figure to them, you're an actual, living and breathing person and they treat you with such kindness it makes me go back for more 
and more. And the food! The portions are big and I like everything I've ever eaten there, especially they're haddock. If you're not from 
around here, it's worth the drive. If you live locally, it should become one of your regular places to dine.
09-12-13  Joy Bolden
Another delicious ribeye steak for lunch.  I really enjoy all of the food I have eaten at this restaurant. Ted (the owner) was making 
octopus soup for supper (in the little kitchen) I wish I would have waiting for supper, to try it. It is so nice to talk to the owner 
and he gives you a lot of info on his meals. I try to go as often as I can.  Keep up the good food and friendly service.
10/27/13  Chris DeWald
I absolutely love the Liver and Onions with a baked potato, salad, steamed broccoli! My mom and I eat here at least once a month and 
always get the Liver and Onions!!! I can't put into words how good it is each and every time. Going again this week! Can't wait!
4/4/14 Eric If you're an out-of-towner like me, absolutely worth the drive to Muncy. I've been there three times and got the gyros every time; they're incredible. Awesome side salad, too. It's not a throwaway item, just rushed together. Lots of good veggies coupled with homemade dressing, and a sign to me that great care is taken with every dish. The entire menu seems delicious. I'll try something new at Main Street Grille someday, but not until I forget just how damn good the gyros are. Great service, friendly atmosphere. Go there. Go now!
1/20/15  Patrick
My wife and I love Greek food.  We have gone to Scranton before to get a gyro.  Main Street Grille has outstanding food.




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